- 2006-2008 Post-secondary study of photography PHO-BOS in Wroclaw
- 2008-2010 Higher study of photography AFA in Wroclaw
- 2010-2013 Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (degree in advertising photography)

Photography and retouching experience:
- cooperation with a plenty photographers, jewelers, shops and companies from whole world (mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Poland)
- publications in top Canadian fashion magazine, on Vogue website and number of on-line jewelry and fashion shops, catalogs and advertisements
- long term cooperation with fashion designers (Enfin Leve, De'Jon Pier'e) and Jewelers (Virago, Raineri Jewelers, Lauren Klassen and many more)
- over 15 years of using Photoshop (including 8 years of commercial purpose)

Teaching experience:
- over 6 years as a senior trainer of photography and post-production
- profesor of avertising photography on postgraduate studies at the University of Economics in Wroclaw
- profesor of advertising photography at the Wielkopolska Szkoła Fotografii

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